Next Dollar Up work box – Life skills classroom

Next Dollar Up work box is part of Life skills classroom, Teaching special education, Teaching life skills, Life skills special education, Life skills lessons, Life skills curriculum – If you teach special education you should be familiar with the next dollar method, or dollar over strategy If not, well you should ) Basically, the student looks at the number before the decimal point, counts out those dollars and then adds one more dollar for the change Here is a work box that I use with my students for independent practice with the dollar over strategy (I got this wonderful idea from my mentor teacher!) All the materials needed are in this box (index cards with dollar amounts, paper clips, prompt, and dollars) So the student takes the card and counts the amount of dollars and adds one for the change Then the student slides all the dollars under the paper clip on the index card so that I can check them when they are done! Looking for more next dollar resources Check out these Next Dollar Up task cards and these Next Dollar worksheets

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