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PhysEd Learning Roadmaps is part of Physical education, Assessment for learning, Effective teaching, Learning, Assessment, Teaching – One of the areas of my teaching that I’m constantly trying to improve is my assessment Assessment isn’t really cool or exciting to talk about, but the reality is that it is a core component of effective teaching As much as many of us shy away from talking about assessment in physical education, there is really no excuse for us not to be knocking our assessment practices out of the park At least that’s what I keep telling myself In no way whatsoever do I think my assessment practices are perfect at times I have struggled to assess my students on an ongoing basis and I have failed to communicate what evidence I have collected to them in a timely manner that actually serves their growth and learning The reality is that, given the chaotic, dynamic nature of physical education, assessing throughout my lessons is difficult (I can’t be the only one feeling this way) Again though, that’s just an excuse I kept telling myself There is always a way Over the past year, I have had some success with my assessment This blog post is about one of the major successes I’ve had my PhysEd Learning Roadmaps Before I share the roadmap tool with you, let me give you a bit of a back story about where the idea came from A few years back, I stumbled upon the work of my friend Sarah GietschierHartman Sarah had been introducing rubrics to her students using a “cupcake analogy” (you can actually learn all about the cupcake analogy in this blog post by Sarah) The idea was pretty straightforward to help students understand what the different levels of mastery look like by using language they are comfortable with As I continued to watch Sarah’s work, I noticed that she eventually moved away from the cupcake Continue Reading

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