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Ten Pages You Should Have in Your Substitute Binder is part of Substitute teaching, Teaching, Homeschool teacher, Teacher classroom, Teaching organization, Teacher organization – If you are getting ready to put your Substitute Binder together, you might have questions about what information to include in it I’ve seen substitute binders with too much, and some with not enough Here are the 10 pages that I think every teacher should have in their binders Page 1 Daily Schedule This page should give your substitute an overview of the day I usually put this information on a table with the starting and ending times on one column and the activity that’s taking place on the other See it my Substitute Binders here Page 2 Specials Schedule This page should have a list of the specials that the students go to each day If your students need to bring something with them, like pencils, notebooks, or a folder, this page is a good place to add that information See my Substitute Binders here Page 3 Medical Alerts List the names of students with any medical conditions that need attention on this page Students that have asthma, allergies, have seizures, are diabetic, or take any medication should be listed here Include the students’ names, their condition, and the action the sub needs to take Remember to update this page as you get new students See my Substitute Binders here Page 4 Lesson Plans This is the most time consuming part of preparing for a substitute, but it’s also a very important step You’ll have to walk through your day, step by step, and write down detailed information for your sub Think about things like turning on the projector to listen to the morning announcements, making sure the kids go to the bathroom before they go to lunch, and other things that a substitute might not know to do Remember, not everyone has the same experience level and detailed plans can be the difference between a great day and a disaster! Your plans have to be specific in terms of what times to do certain things, but generic in terms of what to teach For example, you should tell your sub what time to teach reading, but suggest that she choose a book and an activity from your binder (more on that later) Page 5 Class List Always include several copies of your class list These are useful for taking attendance, checking off who completed assignments, and they also come in handy in case the sub wants to write down the name of a student on a note for you This is another page that needs to be updated any time you loose or gain a student Page 6 Discipline This is the page where you describe your discipline system Some teachers use rewards, some move clips, and some do completely different things It’s nice to fill your substitute in just so she understands what your students are accustomed to See my Substitute Binders here Page 7 Attendance Forms Your substitute will probably not have access to your computer, much less to your password to access a teacher portal for electronic attendance Some schools have a strict attendance policy that requires names of absent and tardy students to be entered by a certain time I keep little forms in an envelope that are readily available and easy to use Your sub can send 2 buddies to the office with the form if need be Page 8 Dismissal Procedures What needs to be done at dismissal time What do the kids take home Where do they sit Do they stack chairs How do they get to the buses Write all of that information on this page! See my Substitute Binders here Page 9 Dismissal Chart In my binder, I have a chart with every way kids can go home bus rider numbers, car riders, walkers, etc I list the name of each student under the heading that shows how they go home This is another page that needs to be updated if you get new students Even if your students know how they go home, if a kid doesn’t show up where they should have, administrators will ask you how the student went home It’s nice to have a reference available Page 10 End of the Day Notes If you’d like your sub to write you a note about how the day went, it’s helpful to have a form for her I just make copies of my form and leave them in a plastic sleeve in my binder You will also need to have the materials that your sub will use to teach For example, add math worksheets, reading activities, writing prompts, and morning work to sheet protectors, and add those to your binder You might also consider having a “Sub Tub” with certain books and math games for your substitute to use Have generic lesson plans that work all year Just change the book or the game that is used When you start putting your binder together, you can type up your pages on a word document, or you can look for templates online If you want you can also look into the templates I used on this post They are available in this 10 page format, or with Reading and Writing lesson plans that include all of the handouts that go with each lesson (perfect for 1st and 2nd Graders) Editable Lesson Plans with all the handouts included! Whatever you decide to do, I hope you can use some of these ideas to assemble a fabulous Substitute Binder! If you have other tips for teachers, we’d love it if you dropped us a line in the comments section! For more classroom management tips check out these posts Control Pencil Chaos Once and For All! A 3Step Plan for Collecting Supplies 20 Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing for the 1st Day of School Back to School Tips Vol 1

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